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Crystal Catering and Event Management Limited's five-star event catering service can handle any size, theme, or special requests in almost any venue. We are premium Catering experts and will make your event unforgettable, whether it is seated, buffet, small plates, or a combination of several world cuisine food bars.

Beyond Expectation

Our catering creations are a deep form of love we live to share with people. There is passion of greatness in every bite you take.

Inspired by Love

We are passionate about our craft. Every delicacy prepared is with love deepen from our heart.


Bring on the fun! We’re all about learning what makes you feel joy and turning it into an extraordinary affair everyone remembers for years to come.

a note from our kitchen

Crystal Catering and Event Management Limited offers catering services by providing nutritious and healthy meals to our customers. This service is usually based on agreed terms of contract between us and the customer and we make sure our part of the contract is well executed by always placing high premium on our customer’s satisfaction. Upon this service, food is prepared by our team of well qualified and experienced caterers and supplied to customers from our spacious and hygienic Restaurant to the customer’s preferred location where the food is served or dished out.

We also supply the food in PACKS to customers who require that their food be packed before delivery.

We also deliver cooked soup to customers in Litres during weekends who requires that, to stock up their freezers. Leaving them for you to heat up and enjoy on your schedule.

We also offer Cafeteria Services where companies which have their own canteens and kitchen may seek our services and our team of well qualified and experienced caterers will cook from their company’s kitchen and serve staff at their canteen. This service is usually recommended for companies who have their own Staff Kitchen and Canteen.

We take orders for all occasions –weddings, parties, naming ceremonies, funerals and all other social gatherings. Depending on the customer’s specifications, we provide services such as buffet, cocktail etc.

We provide rental of catering equipment such as serving dishes, Chafing Dishes, Ice Chest and Chillers, Cutlery Sets and Plates among others to individuals, groups and companies which may seek that service.

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