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A Letter to You

Learn the fundamentals of cooking and become a caterer. This course allows you to engage and learn from highly successful, highly qualified, and experienced professionals and master chefs. It also permits you to pursue a job that will thrive for as long as civilization need food.

Course Content


Duration: 6 months
Section A:
- Principles of Event Mgt
- Event Planning and Costing.
- Event Reservation and Booking.
- Event Event Health, safety and Security
- Event site and Stage Decorations
- Event Marketing and promotion.
- Food Sanitation, safety and waste management
- Customer care services
- Event Staging and Operation.
- Event quality Management.
- Relationship with other Organizations.
- Event Evaluation and impact Mgt.
- Event cost and benefit analysis.

Section B (Pratical):
- The Event Planner
- Organization and scheduling
- Event types and coordination
- Wedding and outdoor training
- Staffing and HR
- Logistics and personnel Mgt.

- Entrepreneurship and Business plan.


- Orientation
- The Concept of Catering
- Kitchen Equipments, Uses and Maintenance
- Food Commodities and Methods of food preparation
- Service of Food and Drinks
- Menu planning and Recipe production
- Catering Establishment
- Food Costing and Budgeting
- Food Hygiene and Sanitation
- Food and Kitchen Safety
- Communication and Customer service
- Entrepreneurship
- Starting your Catering Business and Business plan.

How will you benefit

Career Prospects

Turn Your Passion Into A Profession!

Whether you work for a restaurant, hotel, resort, or start your own personal chef or home based catering business, you’ll enjoy the excitement, variety, and money this industry has to offer.

Society has shifted towards a culture of eating out. Restaurants and hotel facilities both locally and globally demand competent cooking and catering professionals.

This is a profession that will always exist and grow. People will always need to eat out or have catering provided at limitless events and occasions.

Graduating from a Cooking and Catering Course will position you for an industry and profession which has consistently grown each year since 1998. The latest government statistics forecast a similar growth into the future which is sound indication (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations).

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